Clean Technology & Energy

Smarter Approaches

Many growth initiatives in business and society revolve around smarter approaches to solving environmental and societal challenges. G&S Business Communications shapes strategies to launch and accelerate adoption of your green products and technologies, manufacturing processes and business practices.

We work with organizations and brands that contribute to the clean economy. We translate the benefits of renewable energy, green chemistry, biofuels, water conservation, recycling and energy conservation into business terms. Whether you need to determine market positioning prior to commercialization or are preparing for a market expansion, we have the proven record and network of media, public and private sector contacts to help you grow.

Market Experience

Renewable Energy

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Water Management

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Energy Efficiency

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Waste Management

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Smart Grid

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Economic Impact of Clean Energy

To communicate the economic impact of clean energy in North Carolina, G&S created an integrated program using digital, social and traditional communications. We focused on the diverse mix of clean energy sources and energy efficiency solutions , increased jobs, investment and tax revenue within N.C. communities. After strategic messaging was developed, a microsite was created as a resource for news including an interactive map of clean energy projects. In addition, a Twitter account was created to share information and engage with others in the clean energy conversation. We generated national and regional news coverage of business growth success, increased jobs, technical innovation and investment in North Carolina.

Algae Viral Video

Can algae and biofuels be sexy? It may sound like a stretch, but that’s exactly what the creative minds at G&S made happen. Pioneering the movement for greener, cheaper, homegrown fuel, Algenol Biofuels needed a way to get people excited for its algae-to-biofuels technology, so we produced a provocative Algae viral video. Hosted on a microsite and distributed to targeted media outlets, the humorous yet informative clip created a buzz on social media and among key figures from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. In addition, we developed a comprehensive social media program to share Algenol messages and expertise on a daily basis, building credibility for Algenol and creating a community of engaged advocates.

Client Experience

Algenol Biofuels


The Dow Chemical Company

Clean Energy in NC

GE Power & Water



NatureWorks, LLC

NC Clean Energy Technology Center

Panasonic Eco Solutions


Trade Commission of Spain


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