2017 Global Street Fight Business Communications Conference

G&S Business Communications recently presented the fifth annual Global Street Fight™ conference, our thought-leadership program that examines current business events and issues affecting corporate reputation, management and marketing.

Our event’s provocative title refers to the hyper-competition and hyper-connectivity present in today’s global marketplace, which have challenged communicators to pursue new means of storytelling and a deeper understanding of audiences who matter most to their businesses and brands.

For the 2017 edition held in New York, our sessions also explored the changing roles of communications professionals: their mandate to navigate the often complicated relationship between the public and the press, their responsibility to counsel activist CEOs on CSR issues, and their curation of stories as brands engage with audiences along the digital customer journey. Included in the sessions were select insights from the G&S Global Street Fight snap poll fielded on May 23, 2017 among more than 500 survey takers ages 18+.

Shattering Idols in the News Industry

Luke Lambert, G&S president and CEO, interviews Mitch Gelman, Newseum CTO, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and immersive storytelling pioneer.  Together they discuss the impact of the Great Recession on the traditional news industry, and the emergence of a news landscape forever changed by shifting public demand and a new breed of media visionaries.

Communicating the Business Value of Virtue

Ron Loch, G&S managing director and sustainability consulting lead, sits down with Jeffrey Hollender, CEO and founder of Sustain Natural, and co-founder and former CEO of green household products brand Seventh Generation. They examine the roles of activist CEOs and their communications counselors as stakes continue to rise for global businesses seeking to build sustainable value through fiscal and social responsibility. At the heart of their discussion is this question: In an intensely competitive marketplace, do virtuous business practices matter?

Stories, Search and Social: Embracing the Cult of Curiosity

Steve Halsey, G&S managing director, business consulting, and digital/social media leader, moderates a discussion with panelists Denise Burrell-Stinson, head of storytelling for WP Brand Studio, Washington Post; and Jenna Goudreau, managing editor, CNBC Digital and Make It, the company’s new consumer financial news website for millennials. The three reflect on the smart approach for communicators at a time of global business uncertainly: Stay close to customers and stakeholders by connecting with their unique preferences. The key to understanding discrete audiences is gaining insights that inform content strategy along the digital journey.

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