2019 G&S Global Street Fight Communications Conference

G&S Business Communications presented the 2019 G&S Global Street Fight™ conference, the seventh edition of our thought-leadership program that examines current business news and issues affecting corporate reputation, management and marketing.

Our event’s provocative title refers to the hyper-competition and hyper-connectivity present in today’s global marketplace, which have challenged communicators to pursue new means of storytelling and a deeper understanding of audiences who matter most to their businesses and brands.

This year, we also scrutinized the new dynamics that introduce purpose amid chaos in the communications ecosystem where journalists, media platforms and communicators operate. Included in the sessions were select insights from the G&S Global Street Fight snap poll fielded in May and June 2019 among more than 500 survey takers ages 18+.

Inside Memo: A Smarter Marketplace for Publishers, Marketers and Communicators

Luke Lambert, G&S president and CEO, welcomes the audience to the 2019 G&S Global Street Fight. Following opening remarks, Rachael Adler, G&S senior vice president, interviews Eddie Kim, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Memo, the first-ever audience metrics platform powered by publishers for communicators who purchase earned media data. Launched in January 2019, Memo seeks to help media companies monetize their existing content data by delivering precise engagement insights they capture about specific news stories. Armed with this granularity, marketers and communicators can enhance their strategies based on the actual performance of their earned media placement. Rachael and Eddie take a fascinating look at business innovations emerging at the intersection of publisher content and market intelligence.

Eddie Kim, CEO, Memo (Bio)

Eddie Kim, CEO, Memo

Eddie Kim is the founder and CEO of Memo, the first-ever marketplace where PR and communications professionals can buy earned media data directly from publishers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “The company, Memo, aims to capitalize on advertisers’ growing demand for data by creating a marketplace where they can buy audience metrics for editorial coverage—measures such as page views, scroll depth and engaged reading time. Publishers closely track page views and related information but don’t typically share it.”

Prior to Memo, he was the co-founder and CEO of SimpleReach, the leading content data cloud, which was acquired by Nativo in March 2019. Eddie sits on the board of several companies in various industries and is an active angel investor.

Rachael Adler, Senior Vice President, G&S Business Communications (Bio)

Rachael Adler, Senior Vice President, G&S Business Communications

Rachael Adler brings a passion for connecting people, opportunities and ideas to her strategic counseling approach. With over 15 years of providing strategic leadership to healthcare, fintech and professional services clients, Rachael rose to her current role as senior vice president from an account executive role at CooperKatz, which was acquired by G&S in 2018. She also plays an instrumental role in furthering business development for the agency.

Previously, Rachael spent five years in the non-profit world, pursuing a passion for helping others through implementing integrated marketing campaigns and activating community development programs. Her collaborative leadership style and dedicated client partnerships helped land her on the PR News 2017 “Top Women in PR” list. Rachael received her bachelor’s degree in communications from the Pennsylvania State University.

Session 1 Speakers: Eddie Kim, CEO, Memo and Rachael Adler, G&S senior vice president

Battle Royale: Business vs. Brands (Showcase)

Steve Halsey, G&S managing director, offers a path forward in winning at the Game of Brands. In this narrative showcase, Steve compels business communicators to imagine their disruption-filled marketplaces as battlefield⁠s—where the alignment of strategy with story can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Steve Halsey, Managing Director, G&S Business Communications (Bio)

Steve Halsey, Managing Director, Business Consulting, G&S Business Communications

In his role, Steve Halsey helps launch new products; build, protect and manage reputations; explore new concepts and models; and map out winning strategies that allow clients to increase their market share.

Steve challenges conventional wisdom for B2B and B2C companies, providing clients with increased brand value, awareness with target audiences and loyalty. He also oversees the agency’s innovation initiatives related to measurement and digital and social media, as well itsinsights and analytics  team. In addition, he established the agency’s proprietary G&S IPowerSM strategy and messaging service. Steve is a member of Page Society’s Page Up organization, International Association of Business Communicators and Public Relations Society of America.

Showcase Speaker: Steve Halsey, G&S managing director

From Bleed to Succeed: Training Newsrooms to Pivot Away from Fear-based Reporting

Anne Green, G&S managing director, and Liza Gross, vice president, newsroom practice change, Solutions Journalism Network, examine a way for media companies to reverse the steady flow of “if it bleeds, it leads” news reporting and capture the attention ⁠— and trust⁠ — of a weary and wary public. In the quest to produce quality journalism, a new model that changes the culture of the news has emerged. Anne and Liza delve into the trailblazing work of Solutions Journalism Network, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that educates journalists to avoid reporting “a dystopian ticker tape of corruption and failure”—and instead collaborate as positive forces for change in society.

Liza Gross, Vice President, Newsroom Practice Change, Solutions Journalism Network (Bio)

Liza Gross, Vice President, Newsroom Practice Change, Solutions Journalism Network

Liza Gross is a journalist and media leader with over three decades of experience working in executive positions at news organizations and non-profits. She has specialized in the transition of traditional news outlets to multimedia platforms, as well as in the exploration of new and transformational models for media organizations, including collaborative arrangements and innovative techniques of audience engagement.

She was Managing Editor of The Miami Herald, Executive Editor of El Nuevo Díain Puerto Rico, and Publisher of Exito!, the Spanish language publication of the Chicago Tribune.

Anne Green, Managing Director, G&S Business Communications (Bio)

Anne Green, Managing Director, G&S Business Communications

Anne Green is a 25-year industry veteran who oversees the G&S New York office with responsibilities for ensuring client service excellence, talent development and business growth. She also provides senior-level counsel for several accounts, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Fiserv and Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Before taking on her current role in 2018, Anne was president and CEO of CooperKatz & Company, the award-winning independent agency whose team she had helped to grow for 22 years prior to its acquisition by G&S. She earned a B.A in English from Vassar College, with concentrations in women’s studies and vocal performance; and an M. Phil. (A.B.D.) from New York University, with a focus on 19th century American literature. Inspired by life-long lessons from her parents to bring the very best to all you do, Anne serves as an industry and community leader, with roles as a board director for PR Council and board president of LifeWay Network, a New York-based charitable organization that provides long-term housing to survivors of human trafficking.

Session 2 Speakers: Liza Gross, vice president, newsroom practice change, Solutions Journalism Network and Anne Green, G&S managing director

Golden Age of Documentaries: Can Non-Fiction Narratives Save Public Discourse?

Mary Buhay, G&S senior vice president of marketing, speaks with Betsy West, filmmaker of Academy Award-nominated “RBG” documentary, about women’s rights advocate and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Mary and Betsy explore the reasons why Americans have been flocking to documentaries for more thoughtful reflections on history. As the news industry struggles against challenges to its credibility and business model, is the public witnessing a Golden Age of documentaries? Not only have documentaries recently risen to blockbuster status, grossing box-office millions, they have also served as powerful catalysts for social change and civil discourse. From R. Kelly to Fred Rogers, several high-profile figures have been the subject of unflinching portraits that have spurred action and conversation.

Betsy West, Filmmaker, Journalist and Professor (Bio)

Betsy West, Filmmaker, Journalist and Professor

Betsy West co-directed “RBG” (Magnolia, Participant, CNN Films 2018), the Academy Award-nominated documentary which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Betsy is a 21-time Emmy Award winner for her work as an ABC News producer and executive producer of the documentary series “Turning Point”. As Vice President at CBS News from 1998 to 2005, she oversaw 60 Minutes and 48 Hours. She was executive producer of the “MAKERS” (AOL and PBS) documentary and digital series, the documentary “The Lavender Scare,” and the short documentary “The 4%: Film’s Gender Problem” (Epix). She is the Fred W. Friendly professor at Columbia Journalism School.

Mary Buhay, Senior Vice President, Marketing, G&S Business Communications (Bio)

Mary Buhay, senior vice president, marketing, G&S Business Communications

Mary Buhay directs the agency’s marketing strategy that spans its digital and social media properties, branded research and live events, news coverage and special services. She is the co-author of the firm’s annual Sense & Sustainability® Study and executive producer of its portfolio of business and media conferences for senior communicators. Before joining G&S in 2008, Mary was SVP, corporate communications, and managing officer at Medialink Worldwide, a multimedia content and technology provider whose Nasdaq-listed IPO she helped to launch and grow to $180 million in market capitalization. She is a columnist and an Advisory Board member of PR News, and a member of the Public Relations Society of America and its Silver Anvil Awards judging panel. Mary received her B.S. in general studies with a specialization in visual design from Drexel University.

Session 3 Speakers: Mary Buhay, G&S senior vice president, marketing and Betsy West, filmmaker, journalist and professor

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