Global Reach

Local Impact

In global communications, one size does not fit all. Each situation requires careful analysis and understanding of market dynamics, the competition, cultural nuances and your own assets before formulating a strategy and a plan of action. Even then, flexibility is the key to navigating shifts in global business conditions.

Powerful Partnerships

G&S Business Communications serves clients from offices in New York City, Chicago, Raleigh, and Basel, Switzerland. As an active partner in PROI Worldwide, we are supported by 70 agencies with on-the-ground resources in more than 100 cities and 50 countries. Your unique needs receive our attention quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently, virtually anywhere in the world.


“Little Boy Freezing” raises awareness

Our Norwegian PROI partner, Släger, produced “Little Boy Freezing,” an acclaimed experiential campaign for client SOS Children’s Villages.

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