What Sets G&S Apart

Cultivating excellence while nurturing a supportive, happy and progressive workplace is what defines the unique culture at G&S Business Communications. We are committed to the success and well-being of our employees. From staff just beginning their careers to senior-level executives, our people have the resources and encouragement to take confident risks and to grow.

Think Differently Together

Celebrating the person you are and your relationships at work gives our G&S environment the diversity of ideas that ignite creativity, foster collaboration and enhance problem solving.

Pay it Forward

We believe strongly in giving back to our communities. Through our volunteerism and service initiatives, our employees are making a positive impact beyond our office doors.


Professional growth comes from a blend of practical experience and emotional intelligence. We pair employees with mentors and mentees to gain insights, nurture strengths and build understanding.

Diversity & Inclusion

G&S clients and employees deal with some of the most critical global issues of our time, such as providing energy sources that enable the planet and society to thrive, and feeding a world population expected to exceed 9 billion by the year 2050. Strengthened by principles of diversity and inclusiveness, we bring divergent thinking to these unprecedented social and business challenges.

Our agency’s employee engagement program, “Think Differently Together,” was named by PRWeek and PR Council as the inaugural winner of the Diversity Distinction in PR Award for Best New Diversity Initiative. Learn more about our journey in this video.

The G&S employee engagement effort’s specific Diversity and Inclusion objective is to nurture a diverse workforce and foster a multifaceted culture at G&S. In support of our agency mission—We inspire people to take action, resulting in business growth for our clients—we offer our unique worldview:

  • We are an agency of divergent thinkers, whose rich and varied experiences help generate the abundance of ideas needed to tackle our clients’ complex business challenges.
  • We are an agency of entrepreneurs dedicated to sustaining growth for our tight-knit community of employees, clients and industry partners, whose futures are inextricably linked to many business communities across the world.
  • We are an agency of people who wish to participate in a society that values acceptance and respect and is accessible to all who desire to contribute meaningfully.

On May 8, 2018, G&S joined its fellow PR Council Member agencies in a Diversity and Inclusion pledge. Outlined below is our commitment to the industry.

  1. We will make our organizations a place where all employees feel safe, valued, welcomed and included. We will celebrate our employees’ differences, and create open dialogue and foster environments to encourage trust and inclusion among peers. We will encourage collaboration and shared learning among our employees.
  2. We will inform our employees about our company’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategies through ongoing communication, and encouraged participation in events and initiatives.
  3. We will strive to provide mandatory D&I and/or unconscious bias training (webinars, workshops, e-learning, etc.) to educate our employees. This can include free webinar training that the PR Council and other industry bodies, including the Arthur W. Page Society and the PRSA Foundation, have provided.
  4. We will work collaboratively with other agencies to share our experiences and will participate in the PRC Diversity Census to track industry progress. We will provide details on our successes and our missteps, to keep the conversations honest and relevant.
  5. We will strive to recruit and retain diverse talent within our organizations at each level. We will work with and proactively engage outside organizations and programs, including higher education institutions, affinity groups, professional organizations, etc., to foster diverse talent. We will strive to widen our networks and continue to diversify the outside sources we tap into.
  6. We will commit to having our agency leadership teams (SVP and above) establish targets to make meaningful change on an annual basis.

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