Driving Customer Action in Agriculture with Content Marketing

Driving Customer Action in Agriculture with Content Marketing

Content marketing can help you take engagement to the next level with your audience, even in agriculture. Although not as widely adopted in ag as in some other industries, the benefits of content marketing – building trust, generating interest and directly engaging customers and prospects – might make it worth exploring for your operation.

All successful content marketing plans are built on these steps:

  • Determine your audience and define customer segments.
  • Determine your audience’s challenges and how you can address them.
  • Use market research and social media listening to (1) validate your thoughts about audience needs and (2) help you zero in on the topics that will pique their interest and accomplish your goals.
  • Determine how, where and when your audience wants to receive information.

 Compelling Content

To drive action, your content needs to have substance. Tap into insights and research to determine the most compelling messages for each of your audience segments and channels.

Tell stories to make your messages more appealing and personal. A classic example of this is The Furrow magazine. Published by John Deere since 1895 (yes, 1895), it has remained relevant by serving as an accurate, unbiased source of information for farmers – not an overly promotional outlet about John Deere itself.


Consistent Outreach

Consistency is key to building trust with your audience. Develop and use a voice that establishes who you are as an organization, differentiating your brand from others while showing your personality. Your content delivery rhythm, meanwhile, teaches your audience when to expect to hear from you. For example, you may want to post daily updates on Twitter, a weekly blog post and a monthly video post on YouTube to develop cadence from an SEO perspective.

Minnwest Bank builds relationships with farmers through regular posts on its blog. It has a section focused on agribusiness, which features posts highlighting women in agriculture, advice on best practices and guest columns.


One Word of Caution

Communicating through multiple channels offers more opportunities to connect with your audience. However, it also requires thoughtful planning and should not be rushed. First, determine where your audience goes for information, and then evaluate your ability to regularly produce the types of content with which they’re engaging.

With proper planning and research, relevant content and a consistent plan of attack, you can engage your target audience and drive them to action.


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