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Shaping a powerful brand relies on the right blend of science and art. G&S Business Communications looks at your business, brand and reputation from a fresh perspective that is informed by insights and aligned with your business goals. We create new brands and revitalize existing ones to put your business in growth mode.

Strategic. Focused. Passionate. That’s our approach to branding.






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New Name for Modern Vision

While the Arabian American Development Company was proud of its history, the name, once a great strength, no longer represented the Texas-based petrochemical company. That’s why the client tasked G&S with renaming, rebranding and repositioning the organization. We devised a multi-faced strategy to discover the common link between the company’s core business areas, allowing the team to develop a name with inherent meaning and story, establish brand architecture that allows for easy integration of future acquisitions and create a brand book and full logo suite. With a new name, Trecora, which means, “Trusted resources from the core of the earth,” was positioned for a successful road ahead.


Global Branding Platform

Syngenta, a crop protection leader, wanted to unify the brand identity for one of its rapidly expanding technology solutions. Within nine months, G&S developed and implemented an aggressive five-step branding process: explore, create, validate, build and launch. Findings from 21 focus groups across seven countries were used to establish a consistent global standard for communicating Syngenta’s integrated solutions, conveyed via a 150-page branding guide and launched with an internal training campaign.

This program was named the Branding and Identity category winner in the SABRE (North America) PR and communications competition.

Global Street Fight™ Studies

The Global Street Fight™ was developed by G&S Business Communications as a thought-leadership platform to describe the current state of the global economy and the challenges facing today’s business, marketing and communications leaders as they compete for market share.  In light of this, chief executives face the dilemma of choosing the path to restore public confidence in their leadership abilities and strengthen their own reputations.

G&S and Harris Poll, now a unit of Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights to aid business decisions, teamed up to explore public perceptions of corporate leadership in today’s environment, focusing on the areas of boldness, innovation and trust. The Global Street Fight™ Study 2016 was co-developed by Steve Halsey, G&S managing director, business consulting, in partnership with Harris Poll.

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