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Your audiences still turn to news media for objective editorial coverage they can trust. G&S Business Communications supports your product marketing, crisis management program and reputation building strategy with customized message development and outreach. We bring you firsthand journalism experience from some of the busiest newsrooms in top markets. With 24/7 awareness of news cycles and the unique interests of trade media, our experts are a constant presence with editors and reporters, independent journalists and bloggers.

In today’s fragmented media environment, we aggressively compete to secure positive news coverage for you.


Journalist and Blogger Audits

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Media Strategy Development

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Media Training

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Media Tours and Interviews

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News Pitching

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Tradeshow Briefings

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Media Interviews Deepen Brand Prestige

Harris Interactive turned to G&S to help refresh the “aura” of the Reputation Quotient® study (RQ) and re-establish it as the industry standard for quantifying corporate reputation. To kick things off, we launched a video interview with Yahoo! Finance, positioning the RQ as a trending topic on the internet. Outreach to online news outlets was balanced with an aggressive push to traditional business media. The story was shared widely, including coverage from the Huffington Post, and drove so much demand for insights into the financial services sector that Harris created a new, proprietary multi-client offering for that vertical segment. Increasing visibility of Harris, its executives were asked to speak at numerous prestigious industry events.

This campaign was named the Media Relations (Print) category winner in the SABRE (North America) PR and communications competition.

Breakthrough Millennial Survey

In order to set itself apart as the “Premier Association of Financial Professionals,” MDRT turned to G&S to build awareness of its industry leadership, help attract new members and increase engagement among current members. G&S created a compelling news hook with a survey commissioned from Nielsen that examined millennial preferences. The study on Millennial Financial Goals & Milestones helped educate target audiences on a key issue and provided MDRT an opportunity to highlight its members’ business solutions. G&S employed visual storytelling via an infographic to garner coverage in national consumer print and online media as well as national business and trade media outlets such as CNBC and Yahoo! Finance.

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