Sustainability & CSR

Business with Purpose

Conducting business with purpose means embracing a broader duty to protect the well-being of employees, communities and the environment. G&S Business Communications helps you take a strategic approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) to identify relevant issues, improve stakeholder relationships and realize greater business value from sustainability efforts.

We combine storytelling and data visualization to communicate environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and practices that are authentic and relevant.


Cause Marketing and Branding

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CSR, ESG and Sustainability Reporting

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Materiality Analysis

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Sustainability Strategy Development and Integration

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Sense & Sustainability® Studies

Public sentiment has intensified about the ways businesses can take purposeful action in helping people, communities and the environment to thrive, according to the 10th annual G&S Sense & Sustainability® Study. There are sharp increases in consumers’ likelihood to purchase from companies whose suppliers comply with human rights or compensation laws (76%, up from 68% in 2018) and businesses offering fair wages to retain top employees (74%, up from 68% in 2018). The 2019 G&S study includes more findings on public opinion about business actions that contribute to a positive reputation for sustainability; familiarity with business practices related to environmental and social responsibility; the impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors on consumer decisions; sustainability efforts in two industries—healthcare and home and building—and their impact on individuals and communities; and sources for information about companies’ environmental and social responsibility initiatives. Register to download the G&S Sense & Sustainability Study.

Evaluating ESG for Investor Relations Wins

G&S Managing Director Ron Loch and G&S Vice President Susan Sheehan joined Sandy Skees, BSI regional director, sustainability, and Cédric Baumgartner, managing director, EQS Group, in a two-part webinar series to present best practices to accelerate your sustainability program, boost ESG returns and score IR wins. Take a look at this webcast with great tips on how digital and social media can make a big difference.

Part 1: Smart Hacks that Yield Early Wins (Slides)

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Two Critical Dimensions of ESG Disclosure

G&S Managing Director Ron Loch and G&S Vice President Susan Sheehan participated in a two-part webinar series discussing two critical dimensions of ESG disclosure.

The first program, featuring Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Gregory Elders, examines the new investor environment surrounding ESG reporting following the US presidential election. The second program with Eric Fernald, executive director, ESG corporate communications, MSCI, explores ways that corporate issuers can meet the growing demands of institutional investors and analysts for ESG information.

Spotlight on Sustainability

Fielding questions about its sustainability and CSR activities by key stakeholders, Sodexo turned to G&S to help illustrate its commitments and create greater brand engagement. To articulate the competitive advantages of its supply chain, we created an infographic series featuring three static infographics and one interactive version. The interactive infographics were the first of their kind used by Sodexo. They relied on animation technology to share progressive content in a fun, educational and informational way. Hailed by the client as a campaign “unlike anything we’ve ever done previously,” the series was successful in conveying the community impact Sodexo is making through its supply chain operations and sustainability efforts. It was picked up on high traffic sites including, and and had over 90 million overall impressions.

Sustainability Story Comes to Life

CEMEX, a global leader in the building materials industry, turned to G&S to strengthen its brand, make its CSR report more user friendly and position itself as a leader in sustainable development. After initial discussions with company leaders and subject matter experts, G&S outlined key concepts to highlight in the report, leading to a creative theme that connected strongly with the company and served as a roadmap for future sustainability communications. We have worked with the client’s Web and graphic designers over multiple years to create reports with intuitive navigation, graphic treatments and visual assets to bring the sustainability story to life while still maintaining consistency with the previous year’s design.

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