G&S News Release – Kate Threewitts Named Shareholder of G&S




NEW YORK, January 9, 2020 — G&S Business Communications (G&S), an integrated agency that helps innovative companies change the world, announces its newest shareholder, Kate Threewitts, Principal and SVP of Human Resources. Kate joins 13 other owners at G&S, which has remained proudly independent since it was founded nearly 50 years ago. Based in G&S’s Raleigh office, Kate is the first Human Resources leader to be elected shareholder at the agency.

Kate Threewitts, G&S Principal & SVP, Human Resources

“From the moment Kate joined us in 2014, she challenged status quo and helped revitalize the culture at G&S,” said President and CEO Luke Lambert. “She has transformed the Human Resources function agency-wide– from employee benefits and automation to recruitment. Most importantly, Kate helped develop and drive a meaningful and ongoing diversity and inclusion effort at G&S. She has remained fiercely devoted to creating a welcoming and progressive environment for every single employee at our agency.”

Prior to joining G&S, Kate served as the Senior Director of Human Resources at the American Heart Association, where she provided counsel to management leaders on all HR matters, implemented and tracked measurement of performance initiatives, and provided guidance on employee relations issues.

With a fresh perspective and unmatched interpersonal skills, she led the development of various internal initiatives, including Grow Strong supporting healthy habits in employees, and the Gold Star Award celebrating extraordinary team members. She was also a leading voice and supported the launch of G&S’s diversity and inclusion program, Think Differently Together.


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