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  • The Era of the Personalized Brand

    By on September 25, 2018

    Ten years ago this month, the world fundamentally changed. The collapse of banking giant Lehman Brothers set off a global shock wave and an ensuing chain of events that are still being felt today.

    Stock markets sank in catastrophic fashion. A global recession followed that has spurred political upheaval and changed the relationship between government and business. The economic freefall impacted retirement accounts, housing markets and even an entire generation’s outlook on the future.

    The collapse of Lehman Brothers also signaled something else: the beginning of a dramatic shift from a world where established brands told us what to think and do to one driven by nimble brands that tailor and personalize customer experiences to our desires and values.

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Blog Posts

G&S on Assignment

  • Special Edition: G&S at Olympic Winter Games

    By on January 25, 2018

    When it comes to client service, G&S goes the distance! Follow along as G&S Vice President Beth Crisafi Smith reports from the Olympic Winter Games while on assignment for one of our top clients.

    Starting the week of February 5, Beth will be sharing exclusive video highlights of her travels in PyeongChang, South Korea right here on G&S Orange Jam.

    You can also track Beth’s Olympic journey on Twitter with #GSinAction and #GSLife.

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