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Communications Brawl

The urgent need to fund good journalism was on the minds of senior communicators at the sixth annual G&S Global Street Fight™ conference, whose provocative title recalls the intense competition in today’s marketplace. Held in June, the invitation-only G&S thought-leadership program challenged communicators to pursue new means of storytelling and a deeper understanding of audiences who matter most to their businesses and brands. Interested in attending G&S events? Sign up today.

Video: Luke Lambert, G&S president and CEO, moderated a panel with Marc Lacey, national editor, New York Times, and Megan Mulligan, deputy administrator, The Pulitzer Prizes, to examine their two iconic journalism brands at a time when the journalism profession and news media industry face serious challenges related to press freedom, newsroom diversity and funding.

Video: Ron Loch, G&S managing director, teamed up with Steven Oh, chief business officer of The Young Turks, the largest online news show in the world with more than 7.6 billion lifetime views. Together, they explored the editorial and business mission of the over-the-top (OTT) juggernaut whose fans are passionate about its unapologetic political stance.

Video: Steve Halsey, G&S managing director, sat down with former journalist and Google executive Daniel Sieberg, now co-founder and head of journalism operations for The Civil Media Company, a blockchain-based journalism start-up that creates a self-governing marketplace for news publishers and their audiences.

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Jam Sessions

Where can you find ideas for your communications strategy planning? G&S Orange Jam is our hub for sharing news and views on critical issues and trends impacting business communications. In her February video blog series, Beth Crisafi Smith, G&S vice president, took readers on assignment at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. In her May newsletter article, Mary Buhay, G&S senior vice president of marketing, explored the B2B customer journey redefined as an escape room. Sign up for emails with updates on monthly features, blog posts and special series.

Investor Impact

Businesses are anticipating investor, employee and customer demand for enhanced sustainability and CSR communications. G&S Managing Director Ron Loch and G&S Vice President Susan Sheehan joined Sandy Skees, BSI regional director, sustainability, and Cédric Baumgartner, managing director, EQS Group, in a two-part webinar series to present best practices on environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. If you’d like to join our next webinar series, don’t forget to sign up for email invitations.

By the Numbers

Insights gleaned from metrics can meaningfully inform communication strategy. Our research specialists conduct quantitative and qualitative studies to help clients and our agency produce the evidence-based storytelling that audiences trust. Add the creative talents of our designers, and you’ll get a powerful, memorable way for your message to stand out. For this year’s G&S Global Street Fight, we conducted a poll of 500+ U.S. adults in May to understand their media viewing preferences and attitudes about news. Sign up to receive the latest industry trends.

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