Year-End Recap: For Business Communications Insiders

Year-End Recap: For Business Communications Insiders

Tuning into News Media Trends

G&S offers communications expertise in media relations and regularly hosts journalists and media industry experts at our invitation-only G&S Orange JamSM live events around the country. At our program in Raleigh, North Carolina, G&S Managing Director Kerry Henderson and Michael Barthel of Pew Research Center in Washington discussed findings from the 2017 State of the News Media. Published annually since 2004, the Pew report evaluates the economic health and audience consumption for different sectors of U.S. news media industry, ranging from traditional print and broadcast to digital media. 

The 2017 Pew study pointed to a resurgence in audio news and podcasts, whose listenerships tend to be more stable.

Who’s responsible for fake news? The answer may surprise you. (Hint: It’s more of us than we think.)

A surprising proportion of Americans – and not just U.S. teens – get their news from Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram.

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Making Sense of Sustainability

Amid high-profile news of corporate misconduct, consumer safety concerns and shifting U.S. policies on environmental protection, Americans are placing greater responsibility on government, businesses and themselves to serve as environmental and social stewards, according to the eighth annual G&S Sense & Sustainability® Study. Register to download the 2017 G&S study.

Brawling Communicators and the Global Marketplace

If you’re a senior-level communicator, marketer or educator, you may be eligible to attend our sixth annual G&S Global Street FightSM conference, which will take place on June 13, 2018 in New York. Great demand is anticipated for invitations to our G&S thought leadership program, which examines current business events and issues affecting corporate reputation, management and marketing.

In the 2017 keynote session, “Shattering Idols in the News Industry,” G&S CEO Luke Lambert and Newseum CTO and Pulitzer Prize winner Mitch Gelman explored the mandate for communicators to navigate the often complicated relationship between the public and the press. Other sessions featured guest speakers Jeffrey Hollender, former CEO and co-founder of Seventh Generation; Denise Burrell-Stinson, head of storytelling, WP studio, Washington Post; and Jenna Goudreau, managing editor, CNBC Digital.

Evaluating ESG for IR Wins

G&S is helping prepare IR and corporate communicators for what is expected to be a volatile 2018 proxy season. Shareholder proposals are anticipated on issues spanning climate risk, executive compensation, pay equity, board diversity and more. Our recent webinar series highlighted what’s new in environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure and reporting.

G&S Managing Director Ron Loch and G&S Vice President Susan Sheehan joined Cédric Baumgartner, managing director, EQS Group, and Sandy Skees, BSI regional director, sustainability, in a two-part webinar series to present best practices to accelerate sustainability programs, boost ESG returns and score IR wins. Take a look at this webcast with great tips on how digital and social media can make a big difference.

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