2019 Trend Forecast: Technology

2019 Trend Forecast: Technology (Kerry Henderson comments), The Holmes Report, January 11, 2019

Kerry Henderson, managing director of G&S Business Communications’ Raleigh office, said she believes competition from tech-first companies will rally legacy businesses to put tech at the center of their operations with increased vigor. “There’s no sign of a slowdown in 2019 for certain legacy industries, among them agriculture, energy, financial services and healthcare, which are seeing the rise of exciting new technology-first competitors,” she said. “We’re advising agtech ventures that are innovating the food supply chain with solutions designed to address critical global issues including food security, water scarcity, labor shortages, and more. Agtech, or agritech, is a specialized category that includes drones, harvesting robotics, geospatial weather services, sensor-based water intelligence, and blockchain for food traceability, to name a few.”

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